Letter From Wade

October 5, 2015

First thing I need to tell you is I think the world of your son.  I told Bekah that I know her father was a Navy Seal, but I told her that she was married to a guy that I think could have been.  That Cody is one tough guy.   And he is a great guide too.  He’s calculated in everything he does & I think in his mind he has already visualized how the hike up is going to go, & how the stalk & hunt are going to take place way before the trigger is pulled.  He is so smart.  His glassing……………..if they held competitions in glassing I’m sure he’d win the gold medal.  I do wish you’d have seen him kind of chew me out for not pumping more lead into that bear.  It was funny and I thought so at the time.  The stones he had chasing that bear into the thickets.  And the calculated way he went about it.  When we were in the thickets and after Cody finally spotted the live bear, I think Cody whispered to me “there he is…………shoot him”  About the time I responded I don’t have ………………BOOM!  Cody plugged one more round that actually went through a 4” alder, then landed the final blow to that bear.  That bear was down 20 seconds later.  Tells you a little about the size of that gun of his.  Another funny moment was when Cody was skinning that bear.  He already had the arm cut made and was skinning up towards the throat.  When he almost made it to the throat, that bear’s reflexes popped and Cody jumped back and dropped his knife and said a few words.  When he commenced to finish up the same cut a 2nd time, that bear jumped again and Cody again dropped his knife & jumped back himself.  That’s the only time he ever showed the slightest fear.  Cody should be more open & share his wisdom because he has a lot to give.  I’m glad he tolerated my physical weaknesses.  And I feel fortunate that he was my guide.  I told him it was an honor to have him as my guide and an honor for me to be in your camp.  He may be short in stature, but he will forever be a giant in my mind.

I loved coming to your place in Alaska.  When you told us your place was truly unique, we people in the lower 48 think all the outfitters say that and discount what you’re saying.  Maybe it’s the banker in me.  But you truly do.  Roger & I both agree that your place was truly perfect.  It’s a place you can truly experience the Alaska wilderness.  I’ve already had multiple people ask me if I’d go back & back to your camp.  I tell them absolutely.  First & foremost because you are a straight shooter amongst some in the profession that are questionable.  Your Christian values are reflected in how you operate & treat people.  It was much appreciated.  Your camp, your employees & guides are truly one of a kind and simply just great people.

You did it!  I got my beloved dall sheep, a very nice moose, and was very lucky to get a grizzly.  Each hunt was unique and will forever be remembered.  Thank you for that.  I must tell you honestly that I will not miss caribou camp.  Those 3 hours you left me up there alone after telling me I had a 50/50 chance of seeing that bear again will forever be etched in my mind.  Those will forever be the longest 3 hours of my life.  I only wish I had pictures of what that bear did to camp at the end.  Sounds like it was one heck of a mess.  Also when Cody was able to hunt with me out of caribou camp, the weather turned and it got nasty.  The positive thing about caribou camp was I witnessed Ernie taking his moose then later seeing you on that tractor with Roger’s moose with a huge smile.  You were happier than a pig in slop immediately after that thunderstorm rolled through.  Don’t know why but that struck me as really funny.

Wade Stewart

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