Guide School

Do you want to become part of an industry that does the following?

  • Sends you down the path of an exciting and rare way of life
  • Takes you beyond the normal realm of civilization
  • Creates economic measures that provide for wildlife management and habitat enhancement projects
  • Provides food for yourself and the needy
  • Teaches you to be self reliant and responsible
  • Creates sound economics for yourself and people of the state
  • Allows you to learn conservation with intellect gained by experience in the wilderness
  • Helps hunters from all over the world make their hunting dreams come true

If your answer is yes, you should enroll in:

Alaskan Mountain Safaris Big Game Hunting & Guide School

Alaskan Mountain Safaris, Big Game Hunting and Guide School is an exciting comprehensive, hands on school that teaches a modern and complete overview of the essential skills and knowledge required to be a competent guide or hunter in Alaska! From arrival until departure students will personally undertake and be taught the fundamental requirements of a guide’s responsibilities just as if the student were arriving at a wilderness camp as an assistant guide, responsible for the well being and success of his assigned clients and employer. Additionally, instruction includes the conservation and public policy making basis upon which any professional guide business is dependant upon. The curriculum consists of 40% classroom and 60% field instruction and culminates in a written test that passing students who qualify, will receive a favorable recommendation for their Alaska Assistant Guide License and potential job placement within the industry.

Guide school instructors include professional vocational experts well known in their given fields presenting 22 different technical sessions. Most of these instructors have over twenty years experience in Alaska actively involved in their respective fields of expertise.

Highlights of the course include each student preparing three meals for the rest of the class, building and living in a functional base camp, actual finding, viewing, and trophy analysis of Dall’s sheep, moose, and bears, two days of the best wilderness survival training available world wide, wounded game follow up, in-field shooting instruction, building of their own fleshing beam and actual hands-on skinning and fleshing, and much, much more. Never has there been the opportunity for this type of training and instruction in Alaska. Sanctioned by the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, Alaska Village Initiatives and the State of Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board, this professionally taught school will be a learning experience for any participant.

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