Guide School FAQ’s

What is this school?

A conservation based, hands on school that teaches the following and more!

  • Hunting in the 21st century
  • Conservation basis
  • Regulatory process
  • Public policy making
  • Social and environmental awareness
  • Spike camps and gear
  • Base camp construction
  • Hunting ethics
  • Camp cooking
  • Outdoor clothing and gear
  • Optics and cameras
  • Alaskan big game animals characteristics
  • Trophy judging
  • Tracks and tracking
  • Knife sharpening
  • Field dressing and meat care
  • Trophy care
  • Firearms safety and in-field shooting instruction
  • Wounded game follow up
  • Airplane, ATV, boat and horse safety and packing
  • Wilderness survival skills and first aid
  • Guide business administration

How old are the students?

The school is open to students of all ages regardless of sex, race or religion. Anyone who wants to sharpen their skills will benefit from this school.

Where is the school located?

Mile 15 Edgerton Highway, near Kenny Lake, Alaska at the Circle F Ranch.

Who are the instructors?

A spectrum of experienced Master/Registered Guides, and professionals from all aspects of the industry.

Operated By:

Master Guide, Robert Fithian of Alaskan Mountain Safaris

What are the dates?

2017 Summer Session dates are not set

How many students are there during each session?

Enrollment is limited to 12 students per class.

What will I gain?

Fifteen-days of hands-on instruction.
Testing upon completion of the session.
Recommendation for your Alaskan Assistant Guide License for successful and qualified graduates over the age of 18.
Possible job placement within the Alaska Guiding Industry.

What does it cost?

The cost is $3600 per student which includes all study materials, room and board for the fifteen days (Payment plans can be arranged with a $1200 enrollment fee.)

How do I get there?

Students are responsible for their own travel to and from the school. The Circle F Ranch is located in the eastern interior of Alaska, on the Edgerton Highway (Highway #10), approximately a five hour drive from Anchorage, a six hour drive from Fairbanks, or a 45 minute drive from Glennallen, Alaska. Alaskan Mountain Safaris will coordinate travel arrangements between these points before and after each session for those students needing it.

Enroll Now!

Call or email now for enrollment information for the Summer 2017 Session.
Phone: 907.822.3410 or Email:

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