2017 Spring Bear Hunts

Our spring season last year was fantastic. Three awesome grizzlies were harvested for three hunters, one of which was a monster old boar that tied for #4 all time Boone and Crockett! The number one Boone and Crockett grizzly is a pick up, so this bear  actually tied for number three hunter harvested bear. The world record hunter harvested grizzly bear is just 2/16ths of an inch larger than our bear. We have openings for two hunters for spring 2017. This is an incredible hunt which occurs as Alaska is “coming back to life” after the long winter. We go “easy into the country” on these more relaxing type of hunts. Black bear can be harvested as an additional species.

Cody, hunters and bear

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  1. ghillie suit says:

    Lots of goodluck to you guys. Congrats on your harvest last hunting season. Hope you do good or better this coming spring hunting season.

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