About Us

Alaskan Mountain Safaris is owned and operated by Robert and Barbara Fithian of Circle F Ranch, Lower Tonsina, Alaska.

This is our full time occupation. We are a family run business incorporating our sons and other family members for the majority of our staff.


Our history in Alaska is substantial; varying from having lived a true subsistence lifestyle in the Upper Kuskokwim region to owning and operating many unique mining, logging and contracting projects throughout rural Alaska.  We have been active in the guiding industry every year since 1983.  We currently own a herd of Tibetan Yak and are proud of the biodiversity they bring to our ranch.

We have always and will continue to operate our guiding services on a sustained yield basis. We do not put dollars in front of the wellbeing of the wildlife and land resources.

Robert Fithian is a licensed Alaska Master Guide. He has served on the Upper Kuskokwim State Fish and Game Advisory Board (1984-86), serves currently on the Wrangell-St. Elias Federal Subsistence Commission. He has also served as President of the Alaska Miners Association (1995-96) and was  Executive Director for the Alaska Professional Hunters Association from 2002 through 2012.

Robert was recognized in July of 2010 by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack as one of Americas greatest Hunter/Conservationists and accepted the honor of serving on the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council. Click here to see the press release and video describing this council and humbling appointment.

Barb Fithian is a Class A Assistant Guide with over 20 years professional guide experience.  She is the owner of Taiga Graphical Design and specializes in print and web graphic creation and publication design.  When not in the office, working on ranch or guiding business, she can be found out with the yaks or on a long run as she trains for her next marathon.

We are proud of our boys and their accomplishments.  They are all guides and Cody and his wife are also pilots. Cody and Rebekah are the proud parents of Emily and Martin.  Jared is involved in the mining industry; he and his wife Amanda live in Loveland, Colorado along with their children; Lorna and twins, Nolan & Hayden.  Heith and his wife Sarah are the parents of 7 (soon to be 8) lovely children as follows: Laura, Anne, Bobby, Esther, Mae, Mercy, and Abigail.



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