August & September Western Alaska Range

Multiple Species Safari Style Hunts (Dall’s Sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine). Hunt prices are all species inclusive. We do not utilize harvest fees unless special arrangement is made, usually for hunting companions.

Prices are reflective of one guide with one hunter. Although we may, at our discretion, furnish a packer or skinner in addition to your guide, your guide will generally be responsible for those taskings during the course of your hunt.

Some hunters prefer to also have a personal packer/camp helper and or skinner to help with the hunt.  Those options are depicted below.

Note that sheep, caribou, black bear and wolf hunts begin on August 10th.

Grizzly, moose and wolverine open on Sept 1st.

Sheep, caribou and moose hunting seasons close September 20.

Most 20 day hunters choose Sept. 1 – 20 dates. Most 30 day hunters choose August 22 – September 20. We work with 15 day hunters to plan their hunt dates to optimize opportunity for priority species.

If you are looking at a possible family or group hunt, or have questions about any of our hunts, please contact us to discuss those opportunities or questions. 

Always remember, the more time you spend in the field, the more you can truly enjoy the quality of these hunts. The longer hunts take the pressure off of having to harvest and allow for you to enjoy the country, wildlife and people you will be spending time with. 

Prices do not include licensing, trophy shipping or transportation to and from our base camp. Please contact us for help with these additional costs.

New Beginning 2023!  We’ve added some other hunting options in addition to our Multiple Species Hunts.

Multiple Species Safari Style Hunts  August & September

(Dall’s Sheep, Grizzly, Moose, Caribou, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine)

15 Day Hunts……….$50,000.00

20 Day Hunts……….$60,000.00

30 Day Hunts……….$75,000.00

10 Day August & September Single Species Hunts  (Sheep or Moose)…..$25,000.00

Trophy fees for additional harvest or wounding of sheep, moose, or grizzly during single species hunts….$20,000.00

Trophy fee for additional harvest or wounding of caribou during single species hunt…..$15,000.00

Trophy fee for additional harvest or wounding of black bear during single species hunts…..$5,000.00

7 Day Caribou Only Hunt…..$15,000.00

Grizzly (12 Days) May 1 to 31 or September 22 to October 2…..$25,000.00

Additional Staff Options:

Packer/camp helper …………$350.00 per day

        Skinner…………………………$350.00 per day

Booking Information

We require 40% of the hunt fee to be paid at the time of booking, with the balance due 60 days prior to your hunt date.

If you are booking a hunt more than one year in advance you may do so with a 20% deposit.  The remaining deposit balance of 20% is due 9 months prior to your hunt date.

Hunt deposit fees may be paid by cashier’s check, bank draft, money orders, and with prior approval, by your personal check.  We do not have the ability to accept payment by credit cards.

Deposits are not refundable.  Deposits can be applied to future hunts if cancellation is made nine months or more in advance.  Any deposits applied to a future hunt will be credited to that hunt at the published fee required for that hunt at the time of cancellation.

The hunt balance on Western Alaska Range hunts is due 60 days prior to your hunt start date. Hunt balance payment can be made by cashier’s check, bank draft, money orders, bank wire transfer or if prior arrangement has been made, by personal check.

On any hunt where a trophy harvest fee is being used, the harvest fee is payable upon on harvest or wounding of a species.  Harvest fees must be paid in cash or traveler’s checks.  We cannot accept personal checks or credit cards for the harvest fee due to the banking logistics in the Alaska bush.

We sincerely hope we have addressed most of your questions and concerns.  If we have overlooked a detail, please don’t hesitate to contact us.