Looking back over the years we have found that longer multiple species hunts have provided the best stewardship to our clientele, wildlife, and wild land resources.  Longer term multiple species hunts give you the opportunity to really develop an appreciation for the uniqueness of this magnificent area.

Alaskan Mountain Safaris is a small, family operated business that promotes the multiple species concept of hunting in Alaska. We feel that if you are spending the time and expense to come to Alaska on a guided hunt it makes better sense to take advantage of all that Alaska has to offer at that time. We have been conducting this style of hunting for almost 30 years. Drawing on this experience we have found that conducting fewer but longer multiple species safari style hunts promotes better stewardship of our resources and the greatest rewards for our clients.

Species that are present year around in this region include Dall’s Sheep, Alaska-Yukon Moose, Brown/Grizzly Bear, Barren Ground Caribou, Black Bear, Wolf and Wolverine. Wolf and Wolverine are the animals most rarely seen or harvested. We have never put financial gain in front of prudent stewardship of the wildlife resources of this region or our clients best interests. As a result, you will have the opportunity to be selective in your harvest. On the average, our fourteen day hunters harvest three animals, twenty day hunters harvest four and nearly every thirty day hunter we have ever hosted has harvested at least five of the main species found in this region making these hunts one of America’s finest quality true wilderness experience hunting opportunities. We have a saying that has been developed over the years: You will have an excellent opportunity to harvest good mature representative animals and a good opportunity to harvest exceptional animals on these hunts.

The rewards of longer multiple species style hunting are not restricted to animals. When you leave camp in the morning knowing that any of the seven available species can be seen and/or harvested at any time is truly unique. It creates an awareness of the country that is just not the same while single species hunting.

We carefully tailor these hunts to your abilities and desires which are discussed in detail prior to you booking a hunt with us to make sure that you will become one of the many clients who over the years have arrived at our camp as a client and left as a lifelong friend.


Robert and Barb Fithian