General Info

Our base camp in the western Alaska Range is locally known as Emerald Valley and lies at an elevation of 1800 feet.  The topography is spruce forest and rolling tundra, with rising alpine mountains upwards to 8000 feet.  Most of the sheep hunting is conducted between 2900 and 5500 feet in elevation.

Hunting from this camp is generally done safari style.  Our hunting area is geographically unique, as it is year around habitat to all seven species of animals that we hunt.  If your preference is a Dall’s ram, you are very likely to see a good bull moose, caribou, black bear, or a grizzly while sheep hunting.  Wolves and wolverine are the rarest of the animals generally seen or taken.

Emerald Valley Lodge

Our Emerald Valley camp consists of a two-story main lodge building with hot and cold running water, a shower and laundry facility. Several smaller individual guest cabins or tent/cabins make up the sleeping accommodations for our clients. Meals and relaxation takes place in the lodge building.

During your hunt with us, it is unlikely that you will encounter another hunter, except one from your own party.  We operate strictly on the principle of FAIR CHASE.  In the western Alaska Range we do utilize several four-wheel, all-terrain vehicles to transport supplies, trophies, and meat into base camp.  This allows us to spread our harvest over a larger area, thus minimizing hunter impact.  Each client will have his own guide, unless other arrangements have been made. Sometimes we are able, by prior arrangement, to quote a special price for a two client/one guide hunt.

Dall’s Sheep Roast w/veggies.

Our food is the best available.  Simple, but bountiful, nutritious and well balanced.  We make use of the game meat provided by our clients and it is always a highlight to dine on fresh sheep or caribou steaks early in the hunt!

Almost all clients’ camping equipment is included.  Nearly all of our camps are equipped with gas, oil or wood heaters, cots, mattresses and high quality sleeping bags, along with countless other items to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, safe and successful hunt.

When you book your hunt we will provide you with a list of suggested supplemental equipment and supplies you may want to bring along.

We will also be asking you to fill out a “Client Questionnaire” so that we can know about any special needs or requests you might have, your physical condition, your experience, and other information that will help us to make your hunt an enjoyable, successful one.


  • Hunt dates are all inclusive.  Flying days are the days prior to and after the hunt dates.
  •  Personalized one-on-one guided hunts with experienced, competent guides.
  •  All camp gear supplied.
  •  All hunts require a 40% deposit to secure the hunt.  Hunt balance is due 60-90 days prior to arrival at Base Camp.
  •  15% deposit on hunts booked more than one year in advance.  Deposit balance (25%) due 9 months prior to hunt date.
  •  Deposits can be applied to future hunts if cancellation is made nine months or more in advance.  Deposits are not refundable.
  •  Strictly fair chase hunting.
  •  Due to air-taxi insurance requirements and fuel surcharges the hunter will now pay the air taxi fee directly to the charter company on the Alaska Range hunts. We can provide you with contact information and an estimate of charges prior to your hunt.
  •  Non-hunting companions are welcome, please inquire for rates.
  •   Moose hunting is restricted to bulls, 50 inches or wider.
  •  Dall’s sheep hunting is restricted to full curl rams only.
  •  Prices do not include State of Alaska license or tag fees.
  •  Trophy shipping costs are not included.